Spectrum FX Limited / Ebury Partners UK Limited

Spectrum FX’s Payment and Foreign Currency Exchange Services are provided by Ebury Partners UK Limited are provided by Ebury Partners UK Limited.

Spectrum FX’s is partnered with Ebury Partners UK Limited as a Programme Manager.

Ebury Partners UK Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Electronic Money Institution (Financial Services Register No. 900797).

Ebury Partners UK Limited is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office, with registration number: ZA345828.

Capital Adequacy - The levels of capital requirements are based on Ebury’s level of activity. The FCA reviews Ebury’s capital adequacy on an annual basis.

Client Protection - Ebury’s client funds are held in segregated accounts, entirely separate from their own operating accounts, so client funds are safeguarded.

Robust Internal Risk Management - Ebury has strict governance and operational processes in place to scrutinise the accuracy of each of their transactions, with appropriate involvement from their Directors. Compliance with Ebury’s governance and processes is regularly audited.

Spectrum FX cannot offer regulated products that fall under MiFIDII.

Forward Contracts: Only if the reason for trade falls within the payment exclusions.

Ebury are the regulated entity, not Spectrum FX Ltd.

All client funds are sent to segregated client accounts held with Tier 1 Banks.

Ebury is currently able to offer 140+ currencies.

Ebury Online Platform

Ebury Online (EBO) is our customer facing platform which enables customers to manage their Ebury accounts and services online, quickly and simply. The platform has a wealth of capabilities, but at its core it enables customers to book and close spot transactions end to end, manage and instruct payments, view their accounts and provide reporting and MI.

  • Manage business wherever and whenever needed
  • Simple account administration in one platform
  • Provides full reporting & improved auditing
  • View accounts for reassurance and up to date data
  • Access 24/7
  • End to end self-serve spot trades
  • “N-eyes” verification - Allows clients to set additional approval requirements within their business, for example requiring a second individual to authorise any trades thus helping to prevent erroneous transactions.
  • Add multiple beneficiaries on EBO through a file upload or individually
  • Upon payment, EBO can send payment confirmation to bring peace of mind to those being paid and proving a full audit trail
  • Instruct payments to beneficiaries online for each trade. Bulk-payment capabilities distribute funds to an uploaded list
  • E-mail notifications to clients which will keep them up to date with their trades and also allows them to provide feedback following a trade